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iPad SecurityToday’s “smart electronics” are supposed to simplify our lives, right? But with so many different technology formats out there, sometimes things seem to just get more complicated. Well, we have a solution - Control 4.

home controller

Using Control 4 it is both simple and affordable to control virtually any connected device in your home- from TVs to Thermostats, from Door Locks to DVRs….
if you can imagine it, we can probably control it.

Control 4Without getting too deep into “geek-speak”, Control 4 uses “open architecture”, which means, unlike other much more expensive control systems, you’ll have many more choices when it comes to the devices, apps and products you can use and control.


  • Simple to use from any TV, touch-screen, or hand-held Control 4 remote control.
  • Compatible for use in new and existing homes.
  • Flexible- start small and add more later.
  • Very affordable.


Control 4 - Home control that grows with you.

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