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Testimonials: Real Sunshine Letters From Local Folks


From M. L.:
“I have hired Custom House on our last three home projects. Expert workmanship, on time service and creativity are some of the attributes that I would use to describe the team at Custom House. I give all of the Custom House team my highest recommendation. They have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty on our A/V projects. The customer is truly #1 at Custom House.”

From J. W.:
“I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the utterly superior home theater installation you performed for our family at our new home in Myers Park. You and your team were 100% spot-on with everything involved in the project. From equipment suggestions to money saving recommendations….from the precision installation to the clean-up after the work was completed….we were blown away by the exceptional level of customer service, care and professionalism that went into the project from you and your crew.”

From B. P.:
“If superior customer service, unmatched technical expertise and integrity are characteristics that you value, then Custom House is the partner that will always be welcome in your home.”

From B. S.:
“The staff at Custom House have me wired. My home alarm, camera surveillance system and whole house audio system are fully functional. I trusted them for a high quality and reasonably priced system. After many years I feel the same as we have 2 new projects in progress.”

From T. C.:
“Two years ago we built our first custom home. It was by far the most stressful, happy occasion I have ever been through. However, the one company that stands out among all those that were involved in the building of our home was Custom House. They did our entire home which consists of 7 television sets mounted on the walls, surround sound in our family room plus an audio system for the entire downstairs with six separate zones, and an awesome home theater. Oh yes, they also handled the security system. I have never in my 53 years encountered a company of such excellence. That is the only word to use to describe them-“Excellent!”. Every time they stepped foot in our home they put on little booties to keep the floors from getting dirty. Every time they did any work here they completely cleaned up every little mess that they made. Every time we have had questions, Ernie has immediately dealt with them. Every time they have said they would do something, they have done it. Sound amazing?! Yes, it is!!

We have been in our home for 2 years and still this is the kind of service we get. Oh, I can’t forget to mention- when the economy turned, I was looking for ways to save some money. I gave Ernie a call, and he not only gave me suggestions, but then came to our house and removed some cable boxes, etc. so I could turn them back in- all at no charge! That’s the kind of person he is and all of the guys that work with him.

Oh, and you may ask about their technical expertise. Well, let’s see, not only do we have state-of-the-art equipment (which we purchased within our budget), but they did the nearly impossible by teaching me how to use it all, a 53 year old non-technical person who has a hard time working a simple TV remote. So there you go!

This kind of company just doesn't exist today….well, rarely!”

From J. L.:
“From the start, with your design of the system to our specifications and professional installation, your work more than met our expectations. Your immediate response to remedy our few issues and how you have stood behind your equipment has left us
pleased and impressed with your customer service and professionalism. We are glad we selected you for this work and now know why you came so highly recommended.” 

From J. D.:
“I don’t know about you, but in today’s world of ever changing technology, it’s great to have someone not be a salesperson, but a coach. And that is what Ernie and Custom House has been! At one time I was very close to committing to on e of those electronics suppliers that advertise and brag about themselves….but I am so happy I did not. What Custom House did was make our new home a treasure that we truly enjoy. From the cool BIG things to the little details, Ernie and Custom House was there….and their follow up is second to none!

If you want great and personal service, I’d make one call- to Custom House. They are awesome!”

 From K. C.:
“Custom House provided expert advice and were considerate of our budget. We were given multiple choices on technology, manufacturers and installation approaches. We could not be happier with the entire process including the follow-up service.”

 From M & K:
“We have enjoyed working with Custom House and highly recommend their company. We are very pleased with the service we have received, the knowledge they provide and their willingness to make our system work for us.”

 From D. G.:
I will testify that building a custom home is a huge challenge with lots of stress and multiple opportunities for things to go wrong or end up with cost overruns. Custom House did not try to oversell me on my whole house entertainment system and provided my family with exactly what we were wanting for the price quoted. The construction phase of the wiring went very well and your guys were very professional. When it came time to cut in the ceiling speakers and touch pads in various rooms, the installation was top notch with no mistakes or ceiling marks, and the wires were exactly where they were diagrammed during pre-drywall.

The final phase of the various component installation and training exceeded our expectations. Custom House did a great job (with much patience) explaining to us how to operate the new systems.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ernie and the Custom House team of professionals to do any size job after seeing the level of professionalism and competence we experienced from start to finish during the building of our custom dream home.”


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