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The big security companies never stop screaming at you, do they? They keep running the same old TV ads showing you their “advanced” technology.

What they don’t tell you about are the crazy high prices they will charge you each month to put that technology in your home. What they charge every month is absolutely outrageous and completely unnecessary!

At Custom House Technology, we’ve brought the price of security and the cost of remote access to your security system down to a place where everyone can afford it. And now, with your iPhone or other internet connected device, controlling your security system from anywhere in the world is a snap. Arming & Disarming, changing settings, monitoring cameras….if you can do it inside the home, you can also do it from afar.

Safe Secure CharlotteAt Custom House Technology we pride ourselves on installing the right customized security system in your home. No cookie-cutter systems, and certainly no outrageous monthly fees. You really can have it all- the best system and the best price.


It is the ultimate way to help protect your family and your property and you are going to love what you see!

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