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Everyone has heard of it, but it seems like everybody has a different definition of what makes a “home theater”.

At Custom House Technology we specialize in designing and installing home theaters that reflect your individual lifestyle and that fit your budget.

Best of all it's very affordable technology. You can enjoy the full home theater experience for a fraction of what folks paid just a couple of years ago!

 The basic elements of a nice home theater include:

  • A large screen size, with many folks using a video projector and a screen size of 100” or larger.
  • A crystal-clear audio system, featuring a room-shaking subwoofer (or two!).
  • An easy-to-operate handheld touch-screen controller.
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Comfortable seating.

Many of our clients also include an array of video sources including Blu-ray players, cable boxes & satellite receivers, DVRs, cameras, laptops, and game consoles. And by using Control4 as the foundation of your theater, you will have finger-touch control of every connected system in the house.   

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